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Noi Guler Înalt Bottom Tricou pulover Pulover de Toamnă și de Iarnă Pulover de Cașmir Pulover Doamnelor

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Noi Guler Înalt Bottom Tricou pulover Pulover de Toamnă și de Iarnă Pulover de Cașmir Pulover Doamnelor

4.5 / 5 ( 2 )

Etichete: cardigan din bumbac pentru fata, xjxks, blana buzunar pulover, tricotaje mohair, realizate manual pulover, tricot dublu, moda jc, cardigan mori, cashmere v, cașmir vrac.

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42.07lei 69.00lei

Gratuit Dimensiune

Lungime 50 cm Bust 72-112cm Umăr 32cm lungime Maneca 52cm

  • Decor: NICI unul
  • Lungime maneca(cm): Plin
  • Compoziția Materialului: Acril
  • Guler: Guler
  • Maneca Stil: Regulat
  • Technics: Computerul Tricotate
  • Tip De Element: Pulovere
  • Varsta: Vârstele 16-28 De Ani
  • Stil: Casual
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Nume De Brand: poberlagals
  • Numărul De Model: 0
  • Material: Acril
  • Îmbrăcăminte Lungime: Regulat
  • Grosime: STANDARD
  • Tip De Închidere: NICI unul
  • Sezon: Iarna
  • Model Tip: Solid

2020-09-09 Ambiguous opinion. When I got it, it seemed very small, like an 8-year-old child, however, it really stretches well. Fabric-chic-soft, pleasant and warm, I do not want to shoot. My size is XS-s height 165, but turtleneck, you can say, small (that's what I did not expect from a single size). I will not say that it is small in size or two, no, it is small in part, I will try to explain. It's about the wrong tailoring, apparently. When you put on so that the sleeves are in full length, dropping your shoulders, under the hands there is an emptiness, because of which it is uncomfortable, as well as the neck rushes ugly (this can be seen in the seller's photo), when you put on so that the neck lies well and in the shoulders, the sleeves are short, straight very, But so wear is more reasonable and convenient, do not pull the sleeves. In general, under the jacket or something else will do, but exclusively as a background, under clothes with long sleeves, not as an independent thing. The fabric is good, but the style needs to be changed, at least lengthen the sleeve.
4/ 5 stars
2020-10-21 A good turtleneck, soft, pleasant to the body, the size perfectly approached the parameters of the OG. 88, OT. 70, on height 157 sleeve is not short .. Seller Thank you!
5/ 5 stars
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